Born in Tokyo on June 1, 1941, Masami Saionji is descended from the Royal Ryuku Family of Okinawa. Motivated since childhood by a strong desire to serve humanity, she has been steadily active in community service efforts and also in the arts. At an early age she became a Master of Japanese Classical Dance.

While in her teens she came in touch with the peace vision of Masahisa Goi, who later designated her as his adopted daughter and leader of the world peace prayer movement. She has lived in North America and Europe, and travels extensively on speaking and seminar tours.

Mrs. Saionji has authored fifteen books in Japanese and three in English and other languages. She lives in Tokyo with her husband and their three daughters.

You are the Universe

With the passing of the centuries, human beings have forgotten their original selves which spring from the source of the universe.

This book awakens that forgotten memory, allowing us to draw on an infinite source of love, vitality, and happiness. Five useful appendices offer easy-to-practice methods that help us return to our original, divine consciousness.

Byakko Press (2000)
ISBN 4-89214-139-9
originally published in Japanese as Ware soku kami nari (1996)
The Golden Key to Happiness

At times, we all need guidance in our lives. This book awakens us to what is most important: the ultimate power inherent within us, the way our words and thoughts creates our life, and how we each heal ourselves to perfect health. Reading even a few lines can fill your heart with hope and light.
e-book: $3.95
POD paperback: $8.50
1st Books (2002)
Infinite Happiness

Each and every one of us is capable of inner peace and happiness, but so often our lives seem full of turmoil and we are at odds with ourselves and the world in which we live.

This book points the way towards a natural state of harmonious health, enabling us to regain the peace and happiness that already exists within each of us.

Element Books Ltd. (1996)
ISBN 1-85230-855-0